Will I get tired of my tattoo?

Will I get tired of my tattoo? A question only asked by people who don’t have tattoos to which the short answer is “No”.


But just like with any other big question, like what’s the meaning of life, what was it like before the “big bang”, did aliens actually build the pyramids, did Jesus write the bible and was 9 11 a joint inside job between the Bush administration and CIA? So is with this question the answer too complex than just a simple “No” (although if you ask me “no” is quite good answer for all of those questions.)

Do you get tired of your tattoos after all?


Surely that’s one of the questions that anyone who’s considering getting their first tattoo for years is asking themselves. I could answer briefly by saying “no it would not” but then this post will become quite dull and pointless. Also this question is way too simplified and gives no explanation whatsoever. So let me give you my point of view on this topic.


Lets begin with the question when is it actually possible for you to get tired of your tattoo? My experience shows me that there are two main reasons as to why you would get tired of your tattoo.


First reason one is if the tattoo has not been made well and it just looks bad and not properly done, or if you’ve chosen an artist who’s style of work doesn’t fit your body aesthetic, even though you like their work in general. In this case the tattoo will not so much bother you but more likely it will not fit your idea of how your body should look like.


Second reason in which you have a high chance of getting sick of your tattoo is if you tattoo the name of a girlfriend/boyfriend. This might sound too judgmental for some of you, but let me say that I do not judge anyone I’m just speaking from my experience. Although it’s a common practice in my studio to decline to do such tattoos and that is something I teach each apprentice of mine I understand perfectly that for some of you that sounds like a good idea for a tattoo. And I wouldn’t judge anyone for getting such a tattoo. I just don’t think that this is a good idea and I do not want to bear the responsibility for a decision that my experience shows me is in most cases covered up or removed by laser.

How to avoid the first reason?

Do your research on the artist you are considering entrusting your body with. Trust referrals from trusted sources but only to the extent of reviewing the artist’s work. If you don’t like their art or if you like it but don’t feel like having it on your body for the rest of your life just keep looking for another artist.

Nowadays in most major European cities (including Sofia) you have a wide selection of very good artists working in various different styles. And the more quality artists you have out there, the greater the number of the artists that are not good as well, but with a little research you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the right artist for you.


And exactly how to pick the right artist for is a topic that I will expand on in my next post in order not to deviate too much from todays topic.


If you like the artist’s work and are sure that you want to have it on your body forever, then the chances of you getting tired of the tattoo are extremely slim, unless of course the tattoo is a name of a boyfriend/girlfriend.

How to avoid the second reason?


I ask you to think about what I’ve written so far  if you’ve really decided to get a boyfriends name tattooed. No one Is in a position to stop you and I’m a big supporter of free speech (as long as it doesn’t interfere with the lives or health of others) but too often people will think that something is a good idea and then realize that there are negative consequences to our emotional and/or impulsive decision.


As a professional my goal is to help you avoid such mistakes. Before getting that name tattooed ask yourself “why you feel the need to do it?”. The answer will probably be something along the lines of “because I love him/her and I want to show my love to the whole world”. I totally understand this type of response but if you really love someone and they share your love, why would you want the whole world to know about it? Why do you have to prove something to each other that you both feel and are certain to be true?


My opinion is that in most cases people who get their boyfriend/girlfriends name tattooed may be doubting their relationship and trying to convince themselves that their love is real and their decision is right. Phycology has been aware for a long time for the overwhelming human fear of looking foolish. For this reason we are capable of great mental gymnastics just to avoid the possibility of accepting that our decision for a partner was wrong. I think this type of tattoo is such a case of mental gymnastics.


After all if you love someone and they love you back why would you need to prove yourself in such a way? If you both truly love each other there is no need for external validation.

Every rule has an exception


I should add here that in my opinion there is a great difference between a boyfriends name and the name of a parent of a child of yours when it comes to tattooing. I believe there is nothing wrong with getting you children’s names or your parents names tattooed. They are an invariable part of your life and you don’t need to prove anything to yourself just to keep them in your life, because even if you want to they can’t leave it. You can’t choose your parents or children but you can choose your spouse. For this I think there is a huge difference between the two types of name tattoos.


If you’re still convinced that your current partner is the love of your life and you are certain that you want to wake up next to them forever, and if you’re up to having seemingly the same arguments about the same stuff, and you’re sure that you want to solidify your relationship through a tattoo, than consider getting my consolidation prize. Instead of a name think of a picture that represents this person. Something that reminds you of him/her or a situation you were both involved in.


That way if things don’t work out with your partner you can easily change the symbolism that the tattoo carries or just say you got a snake tattoo because you like the biblical idea of the temptation of knowledge, and the snake representing the devil and how even though the world is full of temptations you are immunized to them because by wearing the symbol. Or you could just say that you like snakes (I’m not trying to imply that your partner is a snake, its just an example *wink, wink*)


So if you avoid those two “sinful” decisions namely laziness (finding the right artist) or insecurity (proving to yourself there is love where there is none) my experience shows me that you will not get tired of your tattoo. On the contrary! In fact it becomes a part of your body and you often stop noticing it. Its like getting sick of a mole – unless its usually large or in the wrong place you wont even notice it most of the time.


Once you get your first tattoo you’ll quickly realize that you will never get tired of it (as long as you listen to my 100% proven (its not proven) method). On the contrary, you will even see that it becomes a part of your body and compliments it in the way you want. It also allows you to express yourself however you like or to engrave the memory of something meaningful on your skin. Once the fear of “what if I get sick of it” is gone than you can start with the actual tattooing – because as it is with most things in life you can go around without one but you cant with just one.


“Lifetime guarantee – 100% security”


Now that I’ve presented you with this genius theory about the relationship between the world and the tattoos I think you’re forever shielded like an amazon warehouse, from making the mistakes that make you sick of your tattoos… As long as you are big enough conformist to take the advice of an artist without a college degree who shares his opinion on the internet.


Regardless I think the advice is correct, and it’s based on my experience from the past 10 years and the many covered tattoos that were either not well made or a girlfriend/boyfriends name and also on many other tattoos that do not fit in those categories and compliment the lives of the people that are wearing them and have no regrets about them.


So on the question “Wont I get tired of my tattoo?” the answer is – if you put some thought into it you will most likely not get tired of it. Instead one can discover a whole new world of personal expression and yet another hobby to pour income into. But unlike other obsessions at least it does not harm your health as long as it is in moderation (based on a study they can even be beneficial for the immune system) and unlike other obsessions it is long-lasting and once you pay for it its there for the rest of your life.


If you have made it this far in the text I hope it was interesting to read and I sincerely thank you for your patience and for respecting my opinion and thoughts.


In my upcoming article I will give you my tips on how to choose the right artist for yourself.


Thank you again and be happy and tattooed… or happy and not tattooed but mainly happy with who you are!