Geting a tattoo is a very good way of expressing yourself on you own skin. It’s important to choоse a tattoo that you are happy with, because you will have it for the rest of your life.
We advise you to consider your tattoo idea well, before you go ahead with doing it, and if you’re not sure about it its always best to not get it right away. But if you are sure about the idea, choose the artist that suits you best, and don’t worry too much about anyone else’s opinion, after all the tattoo is for you to live with.


The feeling of pain is something relative which varies from person to person. People have different levels of pain tolerance. It’s also good to know that the pain is provoked by the nerve endings on your skin, so the more nerve endings on your skin are, the more pain you feel. As a basic rule, know that the parts of your body where the skin is the most sensitive are probably the places where the tattoo will hurt more. Also the thickness of the lines, the size of the tattoo and the different colours of the ink, make differences in the levels of pain. Sounds scary but for most people the pain from getting a tattoo is quite bearable and some don’t feel it at all.
Experiencing some pain is a part of the tattoo, and the more you focus on it the more you feel it so it’s best not to think about it too much.
Overall the pain is worth it when the tattoo is going to stay with you for the rest of your life.


The pricing of each tattoo is a complex, It depends on the size of the tattoo, it’s difficulty, either it would be black and white or with colours, it’s position on the body etc. Therefore it would be best if you contact us online, or if you come by one of our studios to speak directly with our artists. The consultations in Mastilnica are free so you are welcome to share your ideas with us anytime.


After we discuss all the details concerning the tattoo, we will need to schedule an appointment which suits you and the artist schedule. This too can be done either online or in person at one of our tattoo parlours.
Please note that we only tattoo people over 18 years of age.
If you are suffering from any dermatological or any other serious health issues, please contact your doctor, in order to receive a confirmation that you can do the tattoo.


Since tattooing can be a stressful process for your body, it’s recommended that you have a good rest and good night sleep and not drink any alcohol the day before. It’s always good to eat something before you come to the studio for the tattoo. It’s also recommended to have something sweet to eat and something to drink with you, because the tattoo process is not always quick so it’s best to be prepared.


The tattoos are а piece of art, but also a scar on your body, which needs special attention. It is very to take good care of them in order for them to heal better. Listen to your artists advises and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate hesitate to ask us. It’s important to keep the tattoo clean in order not to get the tattoo infected.
You should keep in mind that we are always open to answer any questions or concerns, so get in touch whenever you have any.


Although the initial part of the healing of the skin takes up to 10/15 days (in most cases), the complete healing of the skin takes more than 6 months. It’s important that during the first month after getting tattooed not to put the tattoo under direct sunlight and also to keep the tattoo clean and not soak it in water for long periods of time.


The skin is an organ and just like every other organ it’s important to take care of it throughout your life.
If you want your tattoo to look good in time you need to protect your skin from scars, dryness and direct sunlight.
After the tattoo is healed you can use sunscreen to keep it as light as possible because that way the tattoo will look sharper and more contrast.


Although allergic reactions to tattoo ink are quite rare, there are cases of reactions most commonly to red, pink and violet inks.
In most cases the allergic reactions are expressed as a little red dots on the tattoo and around it. Also in the case of an allergic reaction the tattoo heals a lot slower and it itches quite a lot. In very special and rare cases the reactions are stronger in which case it is good to contact a dermatologist.
If you’re worried that you might have an allergic reaction to tattoo ink you can contact us and we could make a test to determine if you have any reactions.


The short answer is – yes. If you know your loved one is a tattoo lover, you can go ahead and get them a gift card for a tattoo, the perfect gift.
Our vouchers are valid for 1 year, for all our artists. Their minimum value is the same as the minimum value of a tattoo in the studio.
Vouchers can be collected directly from our studio or we can send them to you by courier, whichever is more convenient for you.

Keep in mind that if you have any questions we are always open to answer all of them.